Attempt to Fly

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The art created in each country carries a part of the local folk psychology. And here is a very good example of this:


I don't know if the so popular artist Christo has woven into his creations, which actually remained incomprehensible to me, some deeply preserved in his mind or subconscious Bulgarian native motifs.


But here, in this sculpture of the artist Gospodin Tenev, the symbolism is too clear and speaks for itself.


The sculpture is called Monument of Envy, or the Bulgarian Icarus.


And it shows a man who has spread his wings ready to fly, but someone's two hands have grabbed his wings from behind and are preventing him from doing so.

The caption below reads: Envy is a constant companion of glory.


If you haven't dealt with Bulgarians, you probably don't know that they are very ... "special" people. They are known to never support or help each other. Especially when they meet as emigrants abroad, in cyberspace, and not only. Most of them can be divided into fraudsters, naive people, and those who are afraid of them and prefer to stay away.



And envy reigns in their own country.




And not only envy of known and unknown people, but envy, conscious or not, even in families.

I recently read an interesting text that describes the methods by which parents entangle their own children in the webs of their misfortune and consciously or unconsciously prevent them from flying.


So, it takes a lot of courage, as well as a certain amount of rage, to create such a sculpture, to show it so clearly, and to express so loudly the awkward truths and things that should not be said out loud.

And put it in the center of a big district city.


So, Bulgarians do not stop surprising me.


These were just some Sunday, #SublimeSunday thoughts.

Stay safe and have a great Sunday!


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