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The path to success is filled with obstacles, it is littered with thorns but the end is juicy. Success is worthy of celebrations but only a few could make it to the top. If it were easy many would be there. What does success really entail?

The part to success is rocky and consists of failure, I mean barrage of failure. I don't think there is any successful person who has not failed in one way or another. They had loads of failure but they never allowed it to hold them down; they saw their failure as a stepping stone. They moved on and arrived at their goal.

Those who failed and failed to be successful too ain't done so bad, it's just a pity they allowed their failure to stand above them and they got clinched at an angle that leads nowhere. They failed and they failed to move.


I wrote my High school final examination and failed woefully. I felt it was the end of my life. Although I wasn't the best in my class, I am far above average. I am a kind of person who pulls stunts academically, I can rise from the middle to top my class. I call myself an academic midfielder. This time I failed, the failure amongst the society I find myself his a life and career defining.

My father who was never a good fan of education jumped at me, he had wanted me to join him in his workshop as a welder and iron bender, I learnt it but never loved the job. I want to be my own person. My mom believed in me, she supported my dream of going to the university. She paid for me to retake the examination the following year which I did and came out in flying colors.


When failure comes in, it comes in with other options. It either you clinche to your goal or you get swayed by what life offers you. I was depressed, and that experience still haunts me till date because I never believed I could fail an examination, all my friends moved ahead within that year, my self esteem dwindled to the minimum. But in the midst of this, I passed 3 subjects in my failed examination and mathematics was one of them which I didn't pass strongly in my second attempt and with it I secured admission into the university which is a story for another day. There is a take away from every failure. There is a lesson to be learnt from every fall, let's move forward into our success.

I can do all things through He who strengtheneth me. I am Sir.skillful.

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