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Congo in 1955, this picture was taken in the country Congo. Congo is an African country and a colony of Belgium. The story about the incidents that happened then is a story for another day. What I want us to look at is racism in its whole sense. Racism and discrimination are both ally, they both work in synergy.

Many have streamlined racism to mean the whites claiming supremacy over the blacks. I am not doubting it does not exist, in fact it has stolen the true meaning and effect of racism. Racism mean supremacy of a race if I am not mistaken, but when discrimination comes into play that is when the stage becomes nauseating.

On a larger horizon, discrimination is what I find faulty and not racism itself, you have the right to feel how you wish but do not discriminate other for not being like you. The world itself is encroached in varieties and so shall it remain forever. It will look uninteresting where we don't have variants. Nature has been kind to humans, I think we should reciprocate the gesture amongst ourselves.



Discrimination isn't limited to the white race alone, we are all guilty of it. The rich see the poor and a nonentity, the tall see the short as a cursed item; just imagine calling your fellow human a dwarf. We find derogatory names for those who nature has not been kind to, forgetting the victims themselves have little or no control over their situation.

We organize beauty pageant rewarding beauty and make the average persons feel inferior. If we are to be made equal there will be a miniature excitement in the world. Instead of us to embrace ourselves we go behind digging the graves of hate and contempt.

I am a black, I am not in support of racial discrimination but what I am canvassing is that there are worst discrimination compared to what the world is taking note of. We need to embrace love, we need to embrace unity, a unity of the soul and body. We ain't united, we are divided, in every province and corridor of the world I see a banner of disharmony. Lets allow love take over and we will see how great our lives and the world at large can be.

I can do all things through He who strengtheneth me. I am Sir.skillful.

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You have summed up discrimination quite well. In its worse case, it is caused by racism, but there are also more subtle types of discrimination.

One has no control over the color of their hair, their eyes, or their skin. Those things are determined by DNA or G-D if you will. It is due to fate that I was born of European ancestry (Irish, Norwegian, German), not anything I have done personally, therefore; I have absolutely no reason to feel superior based upon those things. Nor do I hate myself for the same reason. My complexion was not of my doing.

Racism and discrimination is not just contained in my Nation (USA) but is an historic thing that can be found in every Nation's history around the world. Sad, but true.

Everyone is important because G-D don't make junk. As I get older I start to understand this more and more.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a great week!

Thanks so much for your reasoning, I really want people to know racial discrimination isn't what we talk it for, we are all guilty of discrimination in other scope.

👍 You are doing a great job with making folks aware of the subtle types of discrimination.

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