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What joy does the night derive from watching the sunset when it is obvious the sun shall rise again.
What joy does the shark derive from eating up other fishes when it is obvious the shark itself will end up in a stew.
I smirk at the tree that makes jest of a burning wood.
I saw a gathering of corn salivating the aroma of popcorn.

The river flows in a direction of its own, even while the walls try to block it way the river must surely find a way.
We only care about our own and neglect the rest forgetting the things we neglected are the ones hurting and might definitely hunt us down.
The shadow will not be seen forever, it will lie the day the body goes to its resting place.
Riches mocks the rags, forgetting the. Pendulum has the tendency of going anticlockwise.
The dust is the foundation of our existence, who we are, how we live, how we make a living and how we metamorphose into dust.
Vanity smiles at the soul, the soul rushes at vanity for the soul has a blood of greed.

Evil flourishes under the canopy of darkness, so does the storm of light cover the cloud above.
Dignity shouldn't be traded for wealth, for dignity wealth cannot buy.
Hunger is like a spear in the stomach, it aches hard especially where there is no hope.
Poverty is worse than a virus and a sage said it is artificial.
We visit the grave to cry and never want to go back home.
A lot could have been remedied if it was possible to turn back the pendulum of life.
Tenancy isn't perpetual there is a time when the lord will exercise his power.