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I look into the concept of slavery and I found out it all about domineering tendency. Some must be above the other, which implies one is living at the mercy of another.

I have meditated on the possibility or circumstances that could make a man submit himself to another man without objection and found out the veritable tool doing the job is nothing but fear.

During the dark ages when slavery was the order of the day, the powerful individuals then, held others captive by putting them in eternal fear. Just imagine having somebody under your control for life. The offspring of the person is still seen as your property. They dare not rebel for those who have tried it before them have been used as a scapegoat to others.

In this modern world slavery still exist but in a magnified way. Lots of persons are subjected to the government without their legitimacy. Fundamental human right is more like a gift from the government to their citizens whereas it is an inborn thing. Immediately you come into this world as human, those rights are automatically yours but the story isn't the same anymore.

Where are you today, what is holding you back from progressing. Your fear might not be that of a human, it might be abstract things like the fear of death, poverty and the like, but I am telling you today that you should go out there and rule your world.

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