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I write this piece to you not to bring tears upon your face. I just want to make know where our train is headed. I just want you to know the end for this reasons.

I love you but can't put you above my parents. Since I was a kid I have always promise to make my parents happy and do according to their biddings for I have the conviction that they always want the best for me. Sticking to you will mean will mean I will be acting contrary to their wish. Don't see me as a puppet or an indecisive person for this is a decision I had made for ages, years before meeting you. My parents never want us together.

I really do love you but there are some blemish on you that my soul finds hard to overlook, you a a single mother with a kid and few years older than me. We have contrary religion orientation and it obvious you can't adopt nor adapt to my own. The love is there today but I am scared if it isn't infatuation. Age is not a barrier where love exist but I am still a youth and the nature of who I am still flows in my vein. You have seen the end of the tunnel of youthfulness while I still radiate in it. I can't force myself into being who you want me to be, allow me grow with my peers. I enjoy looking at your face and listen to your voice but your words and motives are never suiting to my soul.

My encounter with you I can say is a coincidence, I only wanted to satisfy my body with you but never knew you are worth more than that. I met a huge personality in you which is far beyond my imagination. I got lost in love, I made you the center of my life. It never been juicy, all I encounter is opposition. My friends and family mocks me to my face and behind my back, they call me the father of another man's child. It hurt my soul, it hunt my existence.

I really love you but I don't think you are the best for me. Love is suppose to come with happiness but ours is saturated in pains, sorrow and tears which I can't take anymore. I don't think you are the best for me neither am I the one for you. If you still have any feelings for me kindly let it die. I have promise to move on and implore you to follow thus..

Yours sincerely

This is a pure work of imagination but encroached with some life experience. I just put myself in the shoes of lover and allow the emotion flow.

I can do all things through He who strengtheneth me. I am Sir.skillful.

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