All kinds of basic rights should be guaranteed to the common man

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Just as you are relieving your fatigue with a sip of a cup of tea, some people in one part of the world are busy looking for work, ignoring natural disasters in search of their livelihood.Really, life is very strange, it takes different forms at different times.It has been raining heavily since morning and the long rains have flooded the surrounding areas and disrupted the lives of ordinary people. All in all, ordinary people are not doing very well.

The basic rights that every citizen deserves as a citizen of an independent country are properly understood by the government but I do not know if all the people of the world get their basic rights properly.I think housing falls under the fundamental right and housing is the responsibility to remove waterlogging in the vicinity of housing but the government, it should take care of the government. Because the common people suffer a lot from this waterlogging, but the government of an independent country cannot avoid it in any way.
Due to heavy rains since morning, water has seeped inside the house. A lot of water in front of the house has made life in an uncomfortable condition.In fact, sometimes when I am a citizen of an independent country, I feel ashamed of myself because at the end of the day, I am being deprived of my basic rights in one way or another, and our government has delayed us in many ways, which is terrible for ordinary people like me painful.
By government I mean the local people's representatives in my area for now because they are a part of the government they have the responsibility to look after the facilities of the people.It's hard to tell the truth because I woke up to find that water had seeped into my room and my furniture was floating in the water. It's hard for me because I'm having trouble accepting it.

I want the common people of all the countries of the world to get their basic rights well and the government of every independent country to take their fundamental rights seriously.![20200907_10381801.jpeg]()

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