A Tiring Monday

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Good Day Guys

It was a really busy Monday....

Let me share with you guys how I started the week. I woke up at around 6 am and continued writing. After writing I got ready for work. I left the house at around 7:40 am. Parked at our family friend's place and then rushed to our workplace. I had to go through the triage then time in, then went to our department. While waiting for our doctor, we received a call and got a new referral. We were waiting for that doctor to reply and that doctor passed the referral to the other doctor. I decided to write the names of our patients last week and I was stressed out when I found out that we had 10 patients today if all of them are active and ready to get treated. Our doctor arrived and before doing the rounds we asked if we could treat a certain patient and she said yes. We got ready and went up with my colleague. We decided to separate so we could finish 2 patients at once.

I went to our first patient who was in the ICU and treated the patient there. I tried stimulating him like pinching him, making loud noise and he wouldn't respond. He's in a coma. We treat him just to preserve his joint integrity and make sure that he wouldn't get any contractures. I really feel bad for this patient. I really don't like the state that he's in. After treating this patient I followed to the room where my colleague was, hoping that I'll see our doctor doing the rounds so I know the endorsement, too bad I didn't see her. When I got to the room I just brought down the hot pack because this item would be a hassle to carry around and waited for the doctor in our department. Finally, the doctor arrived and endorsed all the patients to us. I messaged my colleague to treat the patient who was at the same building as her first patient. I then followed there and we treated patient 3. She's a new referral from last week, we just waited for her to test negative in her COVID-19 swab before treating her. She suffered from a stroke but she was kinda strong.

We went to patient 4 and noticed that she was febrile when we touched her so we decided to take her temperature using a thermometer, and got 37.7. We said we would go back later. Patient 5 was in the ICU and we had to make her short sit. We tried making her short sit but her Blood Pressure spiked when we tried it so we had to discontinue it and waited for her BP to go down, we finished treating and we went to patient 6. When I entered the room of patient 6 she was agitated because she thought that we would go earlier. She was questioning me why was I late, I explained to her that she's not our only patient and it didn't mean if the doctor has seen you we would immediately go to you. She's also our patient who got a stroke so I just had to understand and be patient because maybe her personality got hit by it. We were able to make her ambulate for a short distance. We went back to patient 4 and the temperature was still 37.7 and the watcher told us that it went down a while ago so we decided to go back this afternoon.


We went to patient 7 and for some reason, she was really happy during the treatment and she kept on smiling at us. We were also joking with her and she didn't mind. We were really surprised because the other days we treated her she was really agitated. She was even cooperative during the whole treatment session. It was really fun treating her because of her smiles though we were not able to go far with her treatment because she got tired fast. But it was also my first time to witness her sit independently but only for 2 minutes.

We then went to patient 8 and his room was just across our department. This patient suffered from a stroke also, we made him short sit but he only lasted for 4 minutes because he got tired. We finished doing his exercises and one of our colleagues who would do the feeding passed by. We asked if she was able to treat patient 4 and she said yes because the temperature was only 37.5. We then went back to our department, disinfected, charged and did our notes. We ate lunch.

After lunch we had 3 more patients to go, we went back again to patient 4 and when we checked her temperature it was 37.6. We really couldn't treat her at that range because she might get a fever. We also asked the patient if she wants to get treated and she said no and told us to come back tomorrow. We then went to the other building to treat the last 2 patients. Patient 9 came from Isolation, he has been there for at least a month and when we saw him he was really deconditioned. He also had a nasal Cannula for oxygen because his levels would drop. We just did short sitting and he could handle it independently. We went to the last patient but he was still constipated so we were not able to treat him.


Finally, we were done with the treatment. We went down and updated all our doctors and we were just resting waiting for it to hit 5 pm. When it hit 5 pm I had to meet my older brother because he gave me something, then I immediately went home, disinfected, and ate. After eating I stayed on the couch and I was just petting our dog Pierre. This was a really busy Monday, I hope that you guys were not as busy as I am. Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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