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RE: 🌍 ecoVillage Journal #7: How will we choose who lives in ecoVillage?

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I really thing it's the right way to do Alex. Taking people on through several weeks of voluntary work like that, they will really know if theu are right for ecovillage and vise versa. I didn't like the long form we had started to build for new community members and as the meetings went on that form got more complicated.

Nice way to do it you guys.

Hey by the way, one day I will be taking a plane over to help woth ome of the homes... any plans for the first one yet?


Yep,, SO glad you agree.. im sure we will have a form, but just for basic important information.. and legal reasons.. but not as a way to try to get to know someone.. and yes,, meeetings.. oh meeetings.. they will not be a regular thing ..

SO.. yes. i HOPE mid next year we will combine the Dance Festival with the build of something simple.. to be confirmed but i think that is quite likely to happen... ill be posting on it once i know more.. Happy new year brother!!! really hope to poiund a tyre with you one day