NVC Journal: Reflections on the Need for Connection

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This post is in response to the Noneviolent Communication workshop offered by @eco-alex. The first exercise is proving to be harder than I though. Describing a moment that I felt deeply connected to another person.

I must have been deeply connected with many in the past and even some in this past year, but for some reason, the only ones I can think of are my wife and our son. When he was born, there was this sense of absolute bliss, Jess was exhausted but so happy and all we could do was look into each other's eyes, the baby's and smile.

We both couldn't really comprehand what had happened but we knew it was a perfect moment of complete happiness and we stayed in that state for a couple hours, until the nurse took our boy to that place where they run various tests on babies and give them shots and all that... Jess clearely asked me to not take my eyes off him and make sure nothing is done to him we don't want. In that instant, we were one, she stayed behind to rest but I was like an extension of herself while being me and watching over this new member of our family.

Today those two are really the only ones I feel so strongly connected with, it makes it hard to think of other connections.

Thank you for running the workshop @eco-alex, I can't wait to get into it. Been reading some stuff and I think I'll like it a lot 😁!


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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: @stortebeker

You need to experience real food in order to understand the meaning of "empty calories".

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beautiful sharing.. this is the ultimate intimate connection im sure! thank you x

Thanks, I wasn't entirely sure I answered the questions all that much in the context but it was nice sharing those moments.