Fred looking Fierce for his Caturday feature!

in #quratorlast year

Been a while since I did a Caturday post and felt that this shot was worthy since it is indeed one of the most interesting shots I took of Fred.

I have a question though, and I think some photographers might share some light on this. Why were his whiskers cut off like that? It was taken with a smartphone and I think the light was pretty good, but there is even some distortion in the image. Any ideas why?


Photo taken by me using the Samsung A90 5G

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Any ideas why?

to me, it looks like a not-neatly-done photoshop manipulation :/ strange, if it is a resulting image from your smartie. I cant imagine it to be doing errors like that. really strange! (and a nice moment captured, thanks for sharing)

Thank you, it was straight from the smartie, (hehe I like that) and I think it might be something to do with HDR. Not sure...

I was lucky enough to get him in this pose, he was actually snoozing so cute and when I got my phone out it woke him and he started to yawn, I was simply in the right place at the right time.

You got my upvote here and for witness as well
(How many times can you vote for one person/entity?)
Now to the whiskers. Could it be that his whiskers are not round, but have
Some flattened areas and those are what you are seeing caught
Edge On?

I appreciate it as always. =) Witness votes are a once deal, once the vote is cast it will stay there until you remove it. Thank you for the vote.

Nope, don't think the whiskers differ at certain points.


Guess it is the HDR function or perhaps the way the phone saves the photo... Not sure

If the whisker were flat rather than round, it would have an edge,
Which might account for the way I see some of Fred's curling.
Ever take a strip of ribbon, pull it along the flat edge of a
scissor to make it curl? It's just a thought.
Love you my friend

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