What is the Hive Blockchain? | Steem is Dead

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This video is a little bit overdue! If you have not heard yet there is a new fork of the Steem blockchain. After Justin Sun of Tron took over the Steem blockchain and tried to centralize it, the community decided to create a fork. Hive is the new chain with basically all of the development on it. I'll be going over a couple of thoughts. Mainly also felt liked I needed to make an update on this for people who have heard me talk about Steem before. Those statements (which are just opinions and should not be used as financial advice) now apply to the Hive blockchain and not Steem. I also wanted to make this video for subs out there who might be passive Steem holders and are not aware of the changes. Hope the recap was helpful!

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Dear @schubes

Very bias video. I don't like many actions done by Justin, but it keep surprising me to see people who seem to see this conflict as a one-way-show.

Where at this stage it's obvious that we're experiencing huge power strurggle between two forces: Justin and his team vs old witnesses and their supporters. Both parties are full of lies and both are promoting some awful propaganda.

Reality is, that even blocktrades admited that they have been working on new hive chain for many weeks. They started even before conflict with Justin Sun exploded. So it's hard not to have impression, that this conflict was nothing but planned plot. To build hate towards new STINC owner and ensure large community movement towards new chain. Which old witnesses executed very well.

All those witnesses are the ones, who gived up on STEEM. They could all stay and this blockchain would be fully decentralized. With majority of old witnesses still being in top20, and only few witnesses being in opposite camp. Wouldn't that be full decentralization? IT would. But it didn't work well for those people.

They could quietly move away from Steem blockchain. However instead - they decided to escalate conflict. Repeating over and over how they will power down and dump all steem and bring it's to its knees. Encoraging others do to the same. Was it necessary to poke Justin even more? Was it necessary to ensure, that he will see HIVE as a real threat?

LET ME BE CLEAR: I do not support Justin's actions, but it's hard not to have an impression that we were all manipulated by old witnesses and that escalation of this conflict was their huge mistake.

You said that STEEM is dead.
I strongly believe that HIVE will have it so much harder to actually survive.

ps. saying that Justin is pissed off that he didn't get free airdrop from hive .... well, do you know how does it even sound? Not reasonable at all. It make you sould like very bias person.

Yours, Piotr

Nothing is completely one way. I was trying to create a short summary without getting into all the details.

The chain wouldn't be decentralized if the witnesses stayed. It was clear Steem would become centralized under Jusin Sun. I could break down all the other points, but to summarize them all Steem was no longer Steem anymore; it was no longer what Steem was intended to be under Justin Sun. That has lead to the need for a new chain.