We pay a great deal for this water and a tip to save it

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"We pay a great deal for this water," says Meg Andronaco, Nestle natural resource manager - speaking about extracting 1.3 million gallons of fresh water from Blue Springs, Florida - source


  1. Nestle gets the water for free; for setting up a bottling plant (Meg includes this in payment though Nestle Owns this plant)

  2. The ordinary citizen pays for water and the commercial enterprises pay more and Nestle sells it for astronomical profits.

  3. The Blue Springs are NOT "managed" in anyway to be more sustainable. Nestle does Nothing to ADD to it.

  4. Legislators and Public servants are virtually silent on this- They don't seem to care.

This is happening in an environment conscious state in USA. The rest of the world is much more worse off. SO PLEASE RAISE YOUR VOICE -NOW

Water resources are drying up faster than we can hope to cope up; even if we use all the hi-tech and pour in billions of dollars. We may come up with something BUT that is a guess, a gamble. While the people who matter just do not care enough I would be very afraid of the odds. We may very well be fighting over water very soon.

- source



People may curb their water wasting habits if they understood how it came into being and that we don't have an endless supply. But then, knowing humans, probably not.

I am scared enough when water sells for more than petrol.

I hear you loud and clear.


very much possible. Just think about it- say in 2050- Every person will get a AquaCard which will be loaded with the monthly quota of tap water and if she/ he needs more she will have to pay for it.

I not only made it expensive for my daughter ( she is in nursery school) to study in a university, I screwed up the climate and if that is not enough she can't take availability of free drinking water for granted

This is happening in an environment conscious state in USA.

Isn't that the same state who has elected climate denier Marco Rubio repeatedly or has he been thrown out of office by now?

Welcome to America - great again!

Nestle has a pretty big presence in Michigan too if I recall correctly. It has been a constant battle to keep our water local.

@bozz the nexus between big money and bureaucracy is a given. Most of this is kept away from public scrutiny- more the people know, the better they can force responsible governance.

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