Earn quick cryptocurrency with zero investment



Cryptocurrency is the emerging giant in the Digital industry ,Since 2009 when bitcoin born . During 90s when The internet was growing from initial phase of revolution where we had less opportunity to expand our business enterprises and finding source of side income But Today proudly we have to say and blessed that we have developed exceptionally from last 30 years and the journey from web 1.0 to web 3.0 is just awesome in the technology era .

Blockchain is such a great word to share as today time which is even not enough justifiable to skip without coming across either by Bitcoin or Ethereum or other alt coins .

We have taken the internet and networking completely from 3rd parties and these all has been happen because of the word called Blockchain Technology.

Nowadays with just limited effort of hard work , we can easily achieve our daily income for feeding yourself atleast 2 burgers without just putting any effort .

Let's know what we can do right now to achieve our daily income without zero investment and zero effort .


1 . Hive .io : When you think about zero investment then just grab this opportunity . sign up to hive and get access to other side chain like leo finance , palcoin , weedcash , clicktotrack , infowars ,Actifit etc. If you apply even your most common skill and write something about then you still creating contents and communities will upvote your post and you easily got some valuable crypto in your hand.


2 .publish0x.com : Yes, if you sign up here and not even contributing any contents as Author then don't worry ,publish0x.com still giving you Approx $0.20 USD tipping allowance to tip the valuable contents and earn from 20% to 80% tip for youself . This is just awesome where you simply make some money by just putting less effort.


3 .LBRY : Since you already knew about blogging then let's have quick view about lbry which is internet company where you can simply sign up and earn rewards .everyday rewards for watching any random videos will be given from minimum 1 lbry credit to 100 lbry credit .
just imagine if you earn atleast 10 lbry for just watching videos on it then you already earn $0.35 USD(as per current market price 1 lbry = $0.035) and additional effort on this platform will reward you with unlimited tip and gift .


4 .Pi Network : It is quite interesting blockchain project which is auto mineable from your hand phone without doing nothing . hence ,you just simply need to download the app and every after 24 hours activate the miner in the app .currently Pi network price is $ 0.35/ pi network .you will get at least 5 pi network every day through mining from your mobile . It is going to be listed soon on more exchanges .


5 .Crypto Tab Browser : This is going to revolutionise the browsing experience as it gives you auto mining facility through browsing on this browser and the interesting part is that you mine bitcoin which is awesome . simply just download crypto tab browser into your computer or laptop or mobile and start earning bitcoin . if you mine atleast 0.000009 satoshi then you still making $0.10 USD .


6 .Presearch (PRE): Everyday we atleast even if no mood to do anything then we play with our mobile and computer and search something funny but for searching something you get nothing in return as you spend your ever most valuable time so presearch gives that opportunity where you simply plug in the extension with google chrome and start earning presearch token . current price of presearch token is : $ 0.02 USD . just imagine you searched 50 times then you already earned $ 1.00 USD .


7 .Brave Browser : Do you want to watch or create content peacefully without any ads interruption then simply download Brave browser and start using . yours all the privacy will be completely managed by brave and you will be free from site trackers , unnecessary ads . you also get paid ads to watch optionally .


8 .Moremoney.io : This site give you opportunity to participate into lottery pool and view the ads and video to just earn quick bitcoin satoshi .


9 .Birdchain: This is smart contract Dapps built on Ethereum blockchain where you simply earn the bird token by just clicking the app . it also reward you through random lottery wheel. everyday minimum you can earn 10 atleast birdchain token with zero effort . current birdchain token price is : $: 0.0009 USD / birdchain token .


10 .Cos.tv : Its built on Ethereum blockhain supported by large communities like Binance , Theta .tv , Samsung. it has other built app called Somesing similar to smule duet singing app. you can sign up and start watching cos.tv content and earning pop which is internal token of cos.tv which can be used to buy Cos token which is easily tradable on binance exchange.

There are many more earning resources are available which i will update soon. If you want to go to those mentioned website then simply follow the resources at below :

  1. (Moremoney.io) https://bit.ly/2AvVxkR
  2. (Crypto tab browser) https://bit.ly/2AvK70q
  3. (Publish0x.com) https://bit.ly/3hlEym1
  4. (LBRY)https://bit.ly/3cUI2bC
  5. (COS .TV) www.cos.tv /
  6. (Pi Network)https://bit.ly/3fh7dGT
  7. (Birdchain)https://bit.ly/2MT7DXO
    8 . (Presearch)https://bit.ly/3fiuR5Q