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RE: Hive Posts Length | What is the average? | Is there a correlation between post length and payouts?

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There's a correlation for sure, and a pretty strong diminishing return the longer you write!

I agree with the comments highlighting the 500-1000 word strategy, I think Hive/ LEO lend themselves quite nicely to that classic blog/ short essay type of writing.

You've nothing to gain from putting your depth articles on here, because you're not going to get rewarded appropriately.

I save all my longer articles for where I personally get 100% of the SEO benefit from them in the long term. That's crucial to my resource sales.

This is the whole reason I chose NOT to move my 'professional work' to Hive, it just doesn't make sense.

Having said that I like the way some LEO curators are looking to reward people for SEO content, that could do with being formalised a bit more, otherwise everyone else is getting a free-ride on your long-form content by benefitting from more eyes on EVERYONE's work, not just your own!

Another major reason I wouldn't put long form content on here is because there's no easy way for people to navigate around my work - on your own blog you've got pages/ drop down menus, it's so much easier to link it all together coherently!

This place is great for more eclectic and personal lifestyle posts I'm finding!

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Its interesting to see your point of view as someone who is running his web page as well.

Totally agree with the long form. Its just doesn't make sense at the moment. I'm also thinking to cut down some of my longer reports as the tend to take a lot of effort to create them :) At least for now. Some middle sized reports are more appropriate.

Having a long form content that earns for years its something that can be really amazing around here.

That's why I already mentioned Hive needs more posting apps diversity, more options, short form, long form etc, so everyone can find their place.

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I think @howo's latest post about the DEV team meeting pointed to maybe a move towards s being able to set up recurring payments for content, like Patreon which would be a move in the right direction, maybe?

I think longer form content posts about Hive work quite well TBH!

But you probably are underewarded on Hive, not so much so on LEO at least!

I'm doing OK on Hive as well. Not complaining :)
Leo is great!

Yes I can't complain either.

Although I'm also aware that I'm the new mini-Exyle.

He's the person I used to look at most and think 'why is this idiot getting 40 Steem for posting a picture of himself grinning with the steak he just cooked?

Now that's me:

Why's that idiot earning 10 Hive for posting about his running updates?

I'm so glad the AVs are disappearing - there's a few high profilers around here I'll very much enjoy seeing earning less. Even if it means I'll take a hit myself.

And LEO getting rid of that front running curation reward, BEST thing to happen on Hive since its curation I think. Well, maybe after WLEO!