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It feels like, we are back to the crisis of choosing! Yep, BTC has been jumping and trying to cross the 20k margin for the last few days and hopefully it eventually will in the next coming days, if everything goes like the way it is. But the fact for small users/investors is to dive in and make the right choice! For those who can understand, congrats guys, welcome to my zone!

Needless to say, most of the coins have been able to see some spikes in terms of price. Some raged to that point, where it became the talk of the town. Aside BTC, XRP was one of them. Missed that boat, darrrnit!! But the fact is some people made millions within a very short period of time. Lucky them. In fact, crypto space does really works like that, where someone looses money and someone gains from it. But the fact is which side you are on, at that specific time. This is what happens when you have a limited amount to play with. But what I have to say is, Improvise and do what you think is best for you!


Some recent news :

  • HIVE : With the recent announcement from Blocktrades here, we sure are going to see some nice and huge changes happening in the cahin. Honestly I am quite excited about the second layer tokenomics (HMTs). This will change a lot of perspective for us. In other words we will get much more attention from teh outside world of hive and also we shall be able to see more funds/devs and what not getting into the world of hive and making their own token/community into hive. At the end the whole chain gets benefitted from it. Can't wait to see, what is awaiting for us!

  • Steem : Lol that was a wicked move by SUN! Giving incentives against SP holders in the form of TRON. Man, that seems like a desperate move or so. I am not aware of what is happening but the buzz really got me. Let me know if you are aware of what is actually happening. Ah FYI, I saw a whale alert of moving a huge lump sum of STEEM to binance ;) Go figure, what is awaiting! Hint: Pump and Dump!


While in another news ETH is probably going to make a go this season. With all the buzz with 2.0 and staking, things are going crazy for the crypto community. I am holding some amount and hopefully will see something happening with it in a very short period of time. Are you holding ETH?

Aside from all this, which altcoin are you favoring or you are at hold? Do share them and let us know! We can not know everything about everything, don't we! Do share your secret funda with us all! Despite these are not any kind of financial advice so always DYOR!

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Wow exelente publicacion, muy instructiva, gracias.

We are in the great time where information about crypto are sometime overwhelming.
Thank you for this information.