Introducing My Next Adventure: BRO SILVER

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Okay, so I wanted to go with the name Profitium or something far less cheesy than BRO SILVER, but the reason I chose this name is because some of the profits from these takings will be fed straight back in to boosting the Brofund. Either way, that makes the initial coin BRO the big daddy of the coins. It can be the gold, this coin will be the silver. Makes sense, doesn't it?


A lot of you will know that by now I created a very successful project called the man cave. We pay our investors 70% of what we mint daily, and we've experienced almost 350% growth to date. That being said we've hit a small lull where everything is ticking over nicely and I've found out I've nothing more to do.

So I had an idea. I was going to take my efforts to the mainstream and see if I can capitalise on that whilst using our back up cryptocurrency to fund this. I liked the idea, but I didn't like that I was going to be taking away from the fund. I'm terribly focused on growth there, so much so that I don't like to take much out from it unless I know I'll get it back, or earn more.

So I had another idea. Why don't I create a coin that will fund my mainstream expedition for the next half year and reward holders with the profits from my endeavours. I thought this an amazing idea because it's a good way to grow our fund faster, reward people for investing in me, and also grow our silver coin's wealth at the same time.

Sounds good, huh?

So, how will it work?

Okay, so, for the next half year whilst Brofund is experiencing tremendous growth I want to be focused on smashing it out in the mainstream world. Right now I have started three websites and I'm currently on my fourth. Different niches, and different audiences. Don't worry about me spreading myself too thin because most of this is done on auto pilot and I can easily find someone to freelance for me if I ever feel like it's getting too much for me.

The idea is simple:

Use my Internet marketing, Website Building, People Understanding & sheer determination and grit to power home the profits.

Like I say, for the first 6 months or so it's going to be tumbleweed. Building a reputable website with followers, readers and people that are willing to buy from you takes a lot of time. But we'll get there. It's not something that's just easy to do with sitting on your arse eating snacks all day. I already have three - and I'm just about to order another one.

Why am I doing this? Well, everything that we get in profits will be directly funnelled into crypto. I want to be prime positioned when the time comes for the mainstream to be in full adoption, and that time is coming. Maybe not this year, but it's coming. And I want to be in the front row.

Bro Silver? Oh, yeah, the most important part. Let's talk numbers.

Okay guys. I'm going to put out 200,000 @ 2 hive each. That will be the total cap I will mint forever. To be clear I don't plan to sell anywhere near that higher cap, it is just so that everyone has a chance to buy in.

Whatever I make will be cashed out and put into the internet marketing process. Whether that is buying websites, paying for ads, making information products, or hiring staff. It'll all be going off chain. I'll be honest with that, and I know that will make some of you nervous. But, I'm willing to screenshot the bulk of the money wherever it is at any given time (and the receipts for what I have bought, or used if investors so wish)

So it'll be dry for about 6 months. You will buy, and you will forget about it for about 6 months. I am giving you a longer period than I expect just so you aren't disappointed. I hope to start seeing rewards for my work at the three month mark. BUT. You know, always better being on the safe side.

So, tokenomics in brief:

  • 200,000 @ 2 Hive each
  • Whatever ISN'T sold will go straight to burn when profits start rolling in. If only 10 people buy @ 10 hive each then hard cap will be 10. And if I'm earning $5,000 per month? Then that will probably be the best investment EVER for 10 lucky people. I will be going ahead with this whether we sell lots or not.
  • I will only be able to ever own 10% of the total market cap. so if 200,000 are sold, I can only own maximum 20,000. If only 10 are sold, I can only own maximum 1.
  • Bro Silver will be divided into four parts. 10% profits to @brofund, 30% profits to me, 40% to investors, and 20% to coin growth. If I earn $1000 in one month, that will be: $100 to brofund, $300 to me, $400 in dividends to investors, and $100 to coin growth.
  • Payouts when started will be once monthly

And that's it for now. I'll keep you updated on the @raymondspeaks blog on how we're doing, what we have, and where we're going next.

You will be able to buy BRO-AG here: from tomorrow after 7am GMT.


Bro has been ridiculously profitable for me, so I will buy some of this shit too.


Nice! Good luck :) - I'm going to make a good go at it :)

No offense but it's really confusing why you did this. You didn't make enough profits from BRO tokens to buy websites? What is the use case for this token? You buy some and then 10% goes to buying up the price? So it's a fundraising ponzi?

No. It's actually a lot of work on my behalf behind the scenes. It's not a Ponzi. Basically token sales will go towards funding the IM adventure. It's an entirely different adventure from Brocoin. You won't make any less from owning BRO whether you invest or don't invest.

I was hanging out in the Mancave for a while at the beginning but then someone was allowed in that I had been trying to distance myself from so I stepped back. I am happy to hear things have been successful for you. A little sorry I missed the boat, but glad I avoided that toxicity.

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Interesting - who was that may I ask?

Hit me up in Discord if you want to know. I am not willing to post the name in here. I probably shouldn't have even mentioned it.

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Tokenizing your digital marketing company, interesting idea, i like!

What niches are the 4 websites in and what's the CPM for each?

Okay, so far I have a Jobs website, an Internet Marketing website, a dropshipping company, and I've ordered an amazon affiliate site too. More on the way. It'll take me probably a couple of weeks to get everything running smoothly, but we'll get there.

Also, you asked about Cost Per Mile (cpm) earlier - I won't be planning on making money through advertising much. Facebook and Google have cornered that market. I'm not too sure I like the idea of ads.

HOWEVER! I might look into adding a high CPC Google adsense site to our list if I can get one in a niche I have knowledge about :) - those are like if you get 100 visitors and 10 people click on your ads - then it might be $2 per click.

Super cool idea! That opens the gates for Amazon shop buys too and other options that need capital, right?

Exactly that yup.

awesome, invested now :)

Good luck! IM is really hard graft to get it started. Part of why I released the coin is so that I would hold myself accountable rather than slip back to the safety of the brofund. Now people are buying I can't just flake or quit :)

Interesting!! Whatever, I already bought 100 of this. I have a question.

Bro Silver will be divided into three parts. 10% profits to @brofund, 30% profits to me, 40% to investors, and 10% to coin growth.

As mentioned above 10+30+40+10 = 90 so where does rest 10% goes?

Also, why putting only 10% to coin growth and 30% to yourself?

Good Luck in your endeavors.

I actually meant 20% to coin growth.

Also - this will take up a lot of my time. Like a lot of my time - and I don't work for free :P - so 30% to me is a reasonable amount don't you think? :)

30% seems good enough. I was just curious if there is something behind the curtains.
More power to Bro and Hive.

Good luck!

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Nice one, just got some BROAG and probably going to aim to have the same amount of that in BRO so have some nice symmetry going on :)

I'm sure with your Trance classics playlists on the go, you'll smash it!

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Count me in, love what you're doing with the ManCave @raymondspeaks. !BEER

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