I made my first BROAG withdrawal today. Here's what I've done with it.

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Okay. So those of you that are perpetual account watchers will know that I made a big withdrawal today. I took out everything I had made from BROAG + a little extra from the brofund, here's why.

I've been writing on wordpress.com for a few days and I must admit that I like it. It's managed and I don't have to worry too much about the handywork behind the hosting. Just clean, free, blogging. The website I'm creating here will be my money making hub. It will be the site I use to explain to my audience what I'm trying out, how it worked, and if it was any use. Like a document for my exploits.

For this I'm going to need a pretty robust platform because I'm going to be shilling this site hard. It will be where I make a name for myself, and probably hive too because I'm going to tell my audience everything. The more honest I can be, the better. That way I can paywall my stuff a lot easier. People will be comfortable in the value that they are going to be getting.

So, the first withdrawal was around $360 - $190 of that being from BROAG.


You'll want to know exactly what I've done with it? Well, I've taken it off Bittrex and exchanged it to my account. As we speak I'm going to be buying this:


I've never bought a wordpress.com business account but I hear they are pretty good from reputable people in my industry. I bought this purely for the seo, the access to plugins & themes, and also the awesome subscription and paywall sections. I can easily filter my content behind a paywall if I so may choose.. and there will be lots of that!

The idea being that I will deliver so much tremendous value for free, then they will be absolutely gagging to see what's behind the paywall. As value rises, so does demand. I've learned a lot from designing and delivering BRO. This is going to be amazing.

So I know, you're already wondering what I'm going to do with the extra $100? Well, I saw something today that I think I can work with. I'm going into micro-niche blogging as well. The idea behind these sites is that they target AdSense and they are really easy to rank. So instead of getting a crappy $0.01 per click as I have done before, I'm more likely to get $3, $4 per click. They come premade, all you need do is build on them. That's it.

So that's what I've done (am doing) with my first set of payouts. I'll keep you guys updated on where I am and where I'm headed. I'm also no stranger to this field so I know where the gaps are and the money can be made!

A bit of financials so far:

  • 4 x ready made websites = $400 (different prices, one was $200 (ecommerce), whereas one was only $39)
  • 1 x funnel system = $200
  • 1 x WordPress Business subscription = $220

Total spend: $820

Total incoming:

BROAG sales: $190
From Brofund: $100
My own money: $530

Total profit: -$820

This epic loss is to be expected at the beginning though as we start up and build. If you don't spend on your future empire then you wont get anywhere.

And that's it for now! Hope you guys are interested :)


So far so good. Maybe open a private channel on discord for broag holders, so we could help you shill your products?

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I have done. Just announced it :) - give me a shout and I'll invite any holder in.

I never heard of BROAG.

How many BRO tokens are there?

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Final supply is: 69,219.542 BRO

There are 200,000 BROAG but I'm secretly hoping I don't make huge amount of sales. Then I can null the rest and those who believed in me can see nice profits :)

Bought 37 of them without knowing a whole lot about it LOL researching it now. It's related to the BRO stuff though so I support that!