The Sick Sun, The Dark Sun, The Devils Sun, The inner Malefic Sun. (Imbalanced Inner- Original Acrylic by Ravenking)

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The Sick Sun, The Dark Sun, The Devils Sun, The inner Malefic Sun. (Imbalanced Inner)
Text that goes with the painting(below):
This Sun becomes active when the glittering of gold becomes to us its Center. The superficialities of Life. When we seek but only beauty and persecute the ugly. when we chase after money, wealth and riches for no other reason but to gather more. The Dragon hoarding his Gold and merely satisfied with sleeping his life upon it. No breathing fire, no flying to distant adventures, no passing on of wisdom. If he breathes fire only because someone trespassed into his cave, in fear of losing his shiny dead pieces of gold. His fire is no longer the fire that comes out of a dragon's heart, but has been poisoned and weakened by his own greed.

When the outer is seen to define the inner. When the Ego defines the Individual. When his appearance defines his beauty. When his wealth defines his being abundant. When his etiquettes, labels, begin to define him. When he can no longer see beauty hidden behind outward ugliness. When he can no longer see abundance in someone even though they might be financially poor. When he no longer can see God hidden behind the Ego reflected to him in another Person.

When ones outer superficialities are seen to define ones inner depths.


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