Illuminati?? - Original Text by Ravenking

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Illuminati? Yes and No. Tired of hearing this symbol connected to some bullshit myth. Mainstream media is in my opinion purposely subverting ancient powerful symbols, so as to dilute their meaning among a huge pile of shit. Let me put something straight, there is no secret illuminati brotherhood. There might be clubs of old fat farts in weird brotherhoods scattered all over the world. But they have nothing to do with these symbols other than perhaps spread false propaganda to keep the world at their own level of idiocy.

"The Illuminati" do not exist. And "illuminati" just means illuminated, so to be honest, anyone who has been illuminated by the truth that is to be found beyond death that individual is a real illuminati if you want to put it so.
The triangle and eye is a beautiful combo, since alchemically you can see it as the trinity of mind, body and soul and with the eye at the center hinting at the inherent unity of these 3 components as arising out and part of the eye of consciousness.

You are it.

I guess you would not want people to look at a symbol that could point them to their immortality and true divine power, since it is hard to control a population of overpowered gods, much easier if you keep everyone dumb, powerless, fragile and weak.

So that is why you have the movie; music and entertainment industry make it look like something super dark and evil. Something that is secret and occult. So you never even notice that the symbol is no secret at all. It represents and contains all information as to what it means within itself.

And that is why you need an extra infinity on your middle finger, to give the lies of this world an infinity fuck-off.

-Ravenking , Private Website:


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Is that a picture of your own tattoo?

@rok-sivante yes it is :p

Sorry for the late reply haven't been on much last 2 weeks!
(for some reason it doesn't seem to want to upvote your post...)

Sweet. I was actually nearly inspired to get a similar design when seeing it. Been a while since that happened! Really cool combo with the infinity symbol next to it. 😎

If by “your post,” you mean my comment, that’d be because it’s older than 7 days. :-)

Haha thanks :D It's one of my oldest and my 2 favorites, got it intuitively since both were symbols with which I had my first ever intense experiences with synchronicities which led me through the rabbit hole I have been travelling through ever since. As time passed their meaning revealing itself more and more, they feel like magical talismans almost today instead of just a tattoo :p

That makes sense, I am rusty in terms of the functioning of steemit nowadays. thanks for clearing that up :p