We need you! Help us make our face more beautiful

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Hey, everyone!

Today we ask you to help us shape our façade by contributing to this unique contest and win some cool prizes along :)

We are looking for four images, based on your photographs or your vector works, to put on our profile and use within our future posts:

Avatar, Header, Footer and Divider


  • Every participant could enter the contest with up to two images per each of the four categories: divider, avatar, header, footer. So that is between 1 and 8 images. Please keep those in one post.

  • Comment with your entry (images or post link) under this post.

  • All the works must be your own and not based on any resources by other people.

  • Deadline is 23:59:59 UTC on 4th of April, 2021.

  • Header (cover image) entry requirement: 1920x240 pixels.

  • Avatar entry requirement: 512x512 pixels.

Prizes and more info:

  • By sending your entry you grant @PhotoCuration full permissions to use your image on its profile and future posts.

  • One winner will be announced for each of the four categories after 5th of April 2021. Each of the winners will get 5 HIVE. We keep our right to not announce a winner in a category if we don't intend to use any of the images entered for a specific category. We will hold another contest to fill that free slot in.

  • All the winning images will be announced in a separate post where they will get an even share of 75% of the rewards of that post. This post will be promoted with @ecency points as well.

  • Depending on the entries we peak as winning, there could be 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0 winners. Hopefully we have four! :))))) Of course, if that's one person, s/he will have all the rewards for her/himself! :)))))

  • There could be a surprise reward if we like your entry a lot! :)))))

  • If we peak your work, we may have you mentioned in our curation posts.

  • This contest is open to all people on Hive!

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We are looking forward for your entries! Good luck!


Thanks once again and congrats! 👍📷😊

Thank you again, @PhotoCuration! I'm honored! 😊🎊🍸📷


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