More Spideys!

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A few days ago, I made a post featuring the photos of spiders that I found during my photo walk. Although I don't like spiders being the subject of my photos, I did enjoy the editing process. The images look very cinematic with the shallow depth of field and contrast due to the lighting.

Since I had fun in that session, I went back to the spot and took more photos of other spiders. I found subjects that have a more grungy effect and so I kept going.

Here are the results of this session.



For this next image, I not really sure if it's an egg of a spider or an insect that was caught and is now covered with the web. Anyway, I like the weird factor on this shot and so I made an edited version as well.



This one right here is positioned near the edge of the windowpane that's why there's a silhouette straight edge on the left part of the photo.



The unique thing about these spiders is that they don't have the familiar web pattern in their area. The web looks like a random series of fabric that they scattered around their area to catch prey.

Anyway, I learned something in this photo session and I had fun as well.

Have a great day!


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