The Learning Begins

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Yuan 80.jpg

I recently wrote about getting a couple of talk buttons for the cats, where I discovered like many Christmas mornings, I had not planned on the batteries in advance, lol. Well, I got some batteries in the mail from @shanibeer (thank you!) and now we have liftoff!

green button.jpg

This button says "balcony time" and I'm hitting it every time I open the balcony door, go in or out, and any time Yuan goes in or out. Yuan is wicked smart, so I'm hoping he'll pick it up pretty fast. The only slog is probably that it's been cold outside so we're not going out as often. :)

blue button.jpg

This button says "up" and I've been hitting it every time I pick Maggie up onto the bed (she needs help, she's 17). So far I think she thinks I am just A Crazy Hooman, but she's also the most vocal about when she needs something, so hopefully she realizes that this is the "hey get your hooman to pick you up onto the bed" button. :)

So far what I've been reading on training info says that when you first start off using the buttons, you want to put them near the related thing - so, balcony time near the door and up near the bed. Once they get the idea of buttons in general, you can put them all together. But I think at least on these two, I will probably leave them where they are. It's usually when I'm in the bed that Maggie asks to come up, and currently Yuan paws at the door when he wants to go on the balcony. If they get the swing of this and I start getting more buttons, then maybe I'll have a more central board with other words, like "pets" and "play" and whatnot.

Since last time I shared a funny video of Billi the cat using buttons, this time I will share a funny video of Bunny the dog, for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about with these buttons for cats! :3

In other news, I finally got off my arse and repaired the Thingamastring this week. I cut shorter and sewed together the stretched out elastic, and made a new hook to wrap around the door. It hangs on a wire hanger on one side, but you want to run a string of some kind under the door and onto the other doorknob so that it stays put, because they can really pull it otherwise!

Thingamastring 7.jpg
#needlework in progress

I pulled out this spool of ribbon I had in my craft supplies to use for the hook and it turned out it was only 4 feet long! LOL. I've never seen a spool of ribbon that short. I probably read it and thought it said 4 yards. Oh, well! I added a tie from a seat cushion that fell off years ago to make up the difference.

Thingamastring 6.jpg

Yuan was immediately on the hunt. Even Maggie was interested, but she backed off when Yuan came. So I need to turn it on when he's napping or out on the balcony just for her. It spins that dangly string around on the elastic on a belt so it flicks in and out like a snake tongue. They love it.

Excuse my really loud laughter in this video, but here is a 3-year-old Yuan playing with it 9 years ago! ^_^

So kitty toys are deployed. Have a great day everyone, and I'll let you know when they start using the buttons! :D


Wow... that's both cool and impressive! One of those rare occasions where a "manufactured" toy actually works... and gets used!

Good luck with the buttons!

Yeah! It's definitely been a favorite of theirs over the years, especially Yuan.
Thanks! I hope with the buttons, they are happier being able to communicate to me more precisely what they need than my silly hooman mind can always follow. :)

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Glad the batteries arrived safely - that is such a neat arrangement! That dog in the video ... please ... I was lost there! Nothing else would happen with that dog in my house except walks. Although, in some ways, that would be a perfect life 😁.

I pick Maggie up onto the bed (she needs help, she's 17

17? Wow.... Has she been yours from day one?

No, I adopted her 13 years ago from the shelter. They give you an estimated age when they don't know for sure and they figured she was between 3 and 5 years old, so I call it from the middle number - 4 - which would make her 17 now. Theoretically she could be 16 or 18 too.