I Has Excite!

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Guess what, Hive fam?? IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED.

final first aid kit order.jpg

I ordered the last two things I wanted for my first aid kit!!! HOORAY!

After 9 months of crowdfunding here on the blockchain (cough and the old blockchain cough retrospective first post link is to that cough), I finally have my Happy Anarchist Can Do A First Aid kit complete (or I will, when the orders get here, lol)!

I ordered the water filter (which is more for a wilderness first aid situation, or a SHTF and things are broken situation) from REI because I am trying to avoid Amazon and support the striking workers, but I did have to get the alum milk (which is to treat people who have been tear gassed) on there, because that is literally the only place I could find the right kind called for in the guides I was reading in this entire country. It was a bit of an epic search.

Many thanks to all the folks who helped me crowdfund my kit, especially @shanibeer and @ecoinstant, who both contributed a LOT (thanks, y'all!). I consider this a great example of what blockchain can do! <3

I'll update again when the items get here and do a tour of the kit or something just 'cause I gotta show it off now. ;)

Bee well and take care of yourselves, everyone, and buzz on! <3

First Aid Kit retrospective so far.png


Congratulations on completing your kit! It has been awesome watching you get all the parts to your kit. It took some time (Crypto prices still poop), but eventually you got everything needed.

We will be sad to see you leaving the UpFundMe community (it will stay on STEEM) but hope to see you posting everything on ARCHON when we do our hive engine launch.

Thank you! So is the new UFM community on Hive not Aureus? I will check out your link! :)

It's a separate community to be built on hive, but every UFM holder will get a share of the initial coins available via airdrop. UFM will remain running on steem. Those who wwant to UpFundMe through HIVE will be able to use #upfundme and receive ARCHON rewards.

Aureus was going to be the name, but I instead went with Archon.

Awesome! Will be on the lookout!

Many congrats, to you and all involved in this successful mission!

Thank you! :)

Congrats. I seem to have missed the actual crowdfunding campaign, but glad to hear it succeeded. Great project.

Thanks! It was a weekly thing while we were on the Steem chain, but since then I've been cashing out my Steem to be able to finish it off. :)