Music Monday (feel free to add your own tracks)

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The aim is simple, to banish those Monday blues with an eclectic range of music chosen by Steemit friends both old and new.


Music Monday

Every Monday I intend to post a music video (and a few words explaining my choice) I invite you to join me by doing the same in the comments section below. As the forum (hopefully) grows my aim is that we begin to inspire our fellow Hiveians to broaden their musical horizons by listening to the music that inspires us. The only thing I ask is that (where possible) every song we listen to is played nice and loudly on headphones or speakers in order that we capture its true essence.

As more Hiveians join this venture there is also going to be the possibility of being rewarded for our musical tastes via the number of upvotes each song receives. That said please never feel awkward about posting a track, a guilty pleasure, or even your own musical ventures. I have an extremely wide range of musical interests but also understand that music like beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. As such I may play my chosen song, but who am I to define what constitutes good music.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying a good start to the week. This week I thought I'd mix it up and go for something a bit different. Both the track and the video blending together to create a sense of mystery and a unique and captivating sound. Anyway, tonight I'll let the music do the talking .. so see what you think. I hope you enjoy! Oh and if anyone was waiting, sorry for the delay on the post, I won't bore you with the details .. but it will definitely be finished tomorrow/Weds.

Written by @perceptualflaws
Song: Open Passageways
Artist: All Them Witches
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I am going to stay on the positive side of things with a bit of Howard Jones Things Can Only Get

Ha very well-chosen my friend .. I was thinking of a similar track the other day "the only way is up" lol You can always rely on the 80's for some feel-good music to ease you through our current dystopia .. and that hair, thelikes of which will not be seen again, mind those words will probably come back to haunt me lol. Thank you for the music @sunlit .. an inspired choice. :)

I heard this a while ago and added it to faves. I like it.

Highly recommend these short docos that trace the history of UK music from reggae to dub to acid house to jungle to drum and bass to dubstep. Alot of our vinyl in there. Guarantee you'll love it if you haven't seen already

Hey my friend .. I hope you've been keeping well and settling back into life down under. :) I've not watched these documentaries before .. But this was great! Takes me right back .. Lil Louis French Kiss on the soundtrack, must have been about 89 .. first dance track I ever owned lol Thank you for sharing, I'll enjoy checking these out. :)

I knew you'd love them - they're all stellar. Such good tracks on there!!!! And really interesting to see the progression of 'that uk sound'.

Interesting choice of a song this week! I liked it, it reminded me of some of the bands I listen to but I can't put my finger on which one of them. I think maybe Cold War Kids?

My choice this week is a song I've listened to a few times recently and like it a lot!

The Killers - When You Were Young

I thought of you too.

Right?! I was thinking this is my kind of band sound lol

I know you too well :P

Hey my friend .. I hope you've been keeping well, glad you enjoyed the track ..not heard of "Cold War Kids" but I'll certainly have a listen to a couple of their tracks. Great choice this week .. makes me yearn for some loud music,. big crowd, cold beer .. just what the Dr ordered! :) Thank for the music @cmplxty .. really enjoyed this one.

Here’s one of their most popular songs. This one got me into them!

Hang Me Up To Dry

Listening to your song again, it’s not the band I was thinking of. There’s one guy that’s got vocals just like that and I’ll find it lol. It’s in my pandora list somewhere.

Edit a few hours later lol

I found it!! They sounds exactly like this band Milky Chance. @riverflows check out this one.

Stolen Dance

Cheers for the recommendation .. really enjoyed that track, but now I'm scratching my head trying to work out who they remind me of! And yeah I do know Milky Chance, great track and I can see what you mean :)