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Ancient Lich Giveaway!

Since Death is my favourite Splinter I got quite fond of Ancient Lich. Sucking the life out of your enemies and resurrect one of your buddies on the battlefield. That sounds like an asset!

Ok you know the drill:
💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

You can earn extra entries by:

📧 Reblogging this Post
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🔺 Upvote this post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict

Please include in your comment if you gonna reblog and/or upvote so I have the right amount of entries without checking all those things, thank you!

Winner Gloridax

Big shout out to all who took the time to comment on the Gloridax giveaway:
@bhattg, @blog-beginner, @burlarj, @carlosro, @cryptoargonaut7, @cryptogeek2020, @endrius, @giemo, @godfather.ftw, @godz, @gregory-f, @guurry123, @handtalk5, @harpreetjanda, @ionize-salt, @jemmarti, @jfang003, @joetunex, @leonardohwang, @massimoc23, @mrtopher, @oraing, @pixiepost, @pyxels, @rondonshneezy, @rxhector, @saachi, @savvyplayer, @shrazi
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And the winner is...


👉@guurry123 Congratulations! Gloridax is on it's way. Hope it will win you some battles.

Thank you all for participating. And the upvotes and reblogs. And of course keep em coming!


Yes i have noticed death is your fav splinter :P Xd

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Thanks for the shoutout :D

Hey @burlarj, @udezee, @sayee Didi please come and tag other SL players

I have upvoted your post! 😀

@jfang003 might be interested! 🤔🙂


Tagging @patrickulrich and @dudeontheweb for another legendary splinterlands giveaway.

congrats @guurry123

death is my fav splinter too ;) (and dragons)

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Ha ha ha I didn't see your tag til just now & I tagged you in my comments. GMTA (great minds think alike!) 🙌💚

Congratulations to @guurry123.

Upvoted and tagging: @cryptofiloz, @elianaicgomes, @jongolson

Thanks friend

Woo hoo! I had to check to see if you commented so I knew whether to tag you! LOL Good luck, my friend! 💚

Thanks @carlosro

Congratulations to the winner!!!


Thanks for the giveaways!

Congrats guurry123, Upvoted :)

Wow, an Ancient Lich 😱
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Tag @surya1adiga

congrats guurry123


Congratulations guurry123!

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Thanks friend

congrats to the winner....

*For #Giveaway: reblog,Tweet,Like all done,thanks for this chance

Congratulations to @guurry123 !🎉🙏🍻

Thanks friend

Thanks for the card...
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Congratulations @guurry123!


For sure I want it and I am sure @kidsisters will enter


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I am sure want it. I voted your post already.

Yay! Another awesome drawing and thank you for the shout out! :) I am excited to see if I can win this card. This is one I do not have in my collection yet :)

Good luck to everyone & congratulations to @guurry123 for the win! You got a great prize :)

I am tagging @cryptofiloz, @rxhector & @joetunex as always! Let's go, gang! :)💜

Thanks sweetie 🤗

Congrats @guurry123!

Have you seen these giveaways yet @ericwilson?

Upvoted! Thank you!

In @giemo

Congrats. @guurry123

I don't use Death very much so maybe this will! 😆

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Thanks, @pacolimited!

Hey I wish everyone luck!
A cheeky upvote along the way!

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Hello :)

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