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In terms of completing, human being is not that complete.
Human being may be complete in terms of the part of the body like 👦, eyes 👀 nose 👃 mouth 👄 leg etc

In terms of brain, God created us fine and perfect unlike the animals, we know what is right and what is wrong, we think and arrive to better things

We think 🤔 more than each other and differently that's why we can't think of the same thing the same way

I would just say human being have it all, the power, and in control of all God create. All God did is just for us

We are human being, we are leader, we have it all, but we can't still have it all since we can't think of the same thing the same way

We can't be complete in terms of behavior, no one can be the best in all but there must be something we are good at


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