Abuja to Lagos

in Hive Naija3 months ago


Already i have calculated 12 hours for the journey, getting there late might cause delay to my plans so I have to go the day before the day the meeting would hold

From Abuja to Lagos is just an hour journey by air but 12 to 13 hours journey by land, by motor to be precise due to the bad road governments don't have time for since their own traveling is by air

To travel by air is one hundred thousand in naira, almost 250 or equivalent to 252 dollars in Naira of which 90% of Nigerian that I belong can't afford. Motor is just 7,000 naira equivalent to 18 United States of America dollars that I can afford at least

Nobody is glad traveling by land due to the risk and time it would consume but there may not be choice if there is no money to travel by air
I joined the traveling bus by 10:49pm time and reach Lagos by 11am the next day, those that have the flight fee has already reached Lagos before me but glad I made it before the meeting time

Kilometer calculations cannot ever be correspond with the traveling from Abuja to Lagos or Lagos to Abuja due to the bad road, it is 12 hours journey