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Hello fam,

Welcome to today’s edition of ‘VISUALIZE and VERBALIZE’. It’s so good to be doing this again.

The V&V team stays positive at all times. Staying positive at all times also requires a deliberate effort to sieve the information at your disposal. There are scenarios or environments that could spur negative outlooks and result in negative utterances. Some of which you don’t really have control over. But you can control what stays in your heart.

Try your best to avoid negative people and environments as much as you can, and in cases where you can’t avoid these scenarios, you need to deliberately put your mind to work and choose what you allow in it.

Stay positive. Take your mind off the negativity in your environment, focus on the positivity and verbalize your positive cogitations.

This is my affirmation for today;


I boldly declare that I stand in victory. I pull down every stronghold, mindset and experience that are inconsistent with my inheritance in Christ. I operate from victory. I am bringing nations, systems and structures to the obedience of Christ.

We meet tomorrow for another edition

Thank you.