CarnivoryCon 2019: Dave Feldman — “Reverse Engineering the Carnivore Diet“

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Dave Feldman is a senior software engineer, entrepreneur and citizen scientist. He began working with programming and system engineering at a very young age and has always enjoyed learning new mechanistic patterns and concepts. After starting a low carb diet, Dave found his cholesterol numbers increased considerably. He then began reverse-engineering the lipid system through self-experimentation and testing, finding it was very dynamic and fluid. He has now demonstrated this phenomenon multiple times by moving his cholesterol up and down substantially in a matter of days. He’s discovered similar reproducible patterns in others and hopes that this pilot research will lead to fully funded research in the near future. He is a public speaker and shares his findings and knowledge.

This is a very informative and fun video of a presentation given at CarnivoryCon 2019. Lots of graphs and data. There's even some defense of vegan diets... for people who say all low carb and carnivore people hate all vegans. It does, however, show that it's much easier to meet nutritional needs eating meat than eating all plants.

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