Carnivore 75 Hard: Days 10 and 11... and 12

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Three days for the price of one!

Well, first of all, the price is free. Second, I mostly just got lazy toward the end of the day yesterday and never got around to posting anything. That can happen on Sundays from time to time. And Mondays too.

We're moving into double digits in the day numbers now. The Carnivore 75 Hard challenge is moving right along!

Day 10: Sunday, October 27th, 2019

Last day of the weekend, so I made another six-egg omelet with some bacon and cheese earlier in the day. During the week, I can't really do that because I'm at work already when I want to be eating. Of all the reasons people look into changing their jobs, an eating schedule would be a pretty interesting one. I work 10-hour days and commute a fair distance to work, so I'm away from the home for the majority of the day on Monday through Thursday. I fasted until about 5 pm when I ate my one big-ass meal of the day. Some beef, some eggs, some cheese, some bacon. A smorgasbord of deliciousness!

  1. No plans all day today.
  2. I got some especially tasty bacon.
  3. (NERD ALERT) I found someone really good to play Splinterlands using my cards. We'll be splitting the rewards, so I don't even have to play at all and I can earn!

Day 11: Monday, October 28th, 2019

I had to force myself to get the 15 minutes of outdoor activity in today. I really didn't want to, but that's why this is called the Carnivore 75 Hard Challenge. It's not called the Carnivore 75 Hard Walk in the Park. Wait, a walk in the park would count as an outdoor activity. Either way, I was being a baby about hurting my foot a little at work and didn't want to go for a walk, but I sucked it up and took Stella on a nice stroll around the neighborhood. Another OMAD situation... ate one big meal of burger patties around 1 pm, and that's it.

  1. When I did go on a walk even though I didn't want to, I felt a lot better.
  2. I got to do my old job at work because someone was out, which was a nice change of pace.
  3. I was able to go to bed super early and get lots of rest.

Day 12: Tuesday, October 28th, 2019

I've fasted all day. I actually headed out to Culver's to get some lunch and changed my mind while I was on the way. I'll admit it was partially because there's such shitty construction around this particular location (and has been for what feels like more than a year) and I just didn't want to deal with it. Plus, I realized I wasn't terribly hungry and didn't really need to go there and spend the money. As tasty as it is to get burger patties from fast-food restaurants, I won't lie and pretend like it's ideal in any way whatsoever.

  1. Work was pretty good today. Or it wasn't bad, anyway. :)
  2. Feeling good fasted.
  3. Foot feels better today.

My outdoor activity on all of these days was the same: walking with Stella T. Dog. Actually, tonight the whole family went on a shorter walk together. Even our older dog Ida who loves to go on walks but tires pretty quickly. She forgets how old she is at the start of the walk, though. Excitement takes over and she acts almost like a puppy.

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