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Peace Hivees

Our giveaway is a free reblog service of your post with communities then mentorship. Hive new Splinters are limited to a certain league due to the collection power required to rank up to the next league.


What you can do?

- The account must have less than 200 Hive Power in total
- Posting date less than 7 days from the date of publication
- The post must be illustrated with sources and the account owner had a picture or avatar
- Each account should comment ONE post link PER DAY below
- A weekly bonus of level 2 or above monsters cards will be delegated for the whole season to the Best participants
- Each post respecting the above requirements will be reshared


How to participate?

**- Hivees should share their Splinterlands username
**- Share your post URL in the comment section below ONLY ONE post a day
- Each week the best participant will receive Delegated Cards of more than 5000 collection power on his latest post

Please be original ! then your post will be reshared on our blog feed.

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Optional Actions
Upvote, follow, reshare of this post is completely optional.


Splinterslands players information shared in the telegram chat section will provide participants using the web or mobile app valuable adventurous experience in this challenging game.

We would like to thanks all the participants and the future awardees.


Thanks for reading this post and spend some time on our blog.

If you have not started to play, check-in for free here my referral links

The officials telegram group Splinterlandstelegram

There are many more events organized by the communities you can participate in but also document on your hive blog.