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RE: I am the wolf in sheep's clothing

in #hive7 months ago (edited)

This goes to show the gaming on the platform. I see rocky and especially appreciator voting crap based from certain countries and ignoring good content from other areas. I also notice appreciator votes mostly women and votes the prettiest one's at a high percentage, even though the content is mediocre or worse.

This type of curation is what drives users away and keeps good quality content creators from joining. I myself have stopped creating, because there's little quality content to keep me occupied. This means I have little reason to check in.

This also shows the selfishness and greed in the Community you mention and they don't deserve your or any support from the greater Hive community.

I hope this gamification is addressed in the future and a better distribution algorithm can be created.


5 minute window needs to go. Voting hotties though, that can stay :P

Point one is a start, but won't address enough of the issue and pt2- I wouldn't have expected from you, lol😂

I've had a week off, need to get back into character :)