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RE: Hive: One Major Advantage Over Bitcoin And Ethereum

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Yes this is a point i made about dpos systems like 4 years ago. That so much could be done with fee-less systems. However in my view the use would be more significant as a currency not writing blogs. Thus i created BBD coin a cryptocurrency with stability.. that inflation rate increases based on users which i'm making my latest video on.

Imagine a useful fast cryptocurrency that could be a money for social media profiles. That as well buying power increased or inflation rate as more people used it. That is the basis of BBD coin. I've been telling people this for 4 years they sitll not listening. That's a mistake

That means a product would be better than bitcoin, ethereum, doge, litecoin, bitcoin cash, xrp, waves and even eos as i think eos wallets are not appealing to the mainstream new user. Understanding the ability of use and significant stability not just 30-40% constant dumps each week. I can't do anything with that but speculate. That is what i'm talking about. Do people listen now? No they don't. Does it matter? No it does not because usefulness eventually wins out and this is the holy grail of crypto. This is why it works.

Now unfortunately for dpos systems to run it cost a great deal of money. It does not cost alot of money for second layer tokens to run. There is no miner or witness inflation working against it. So the inflation gets paid back to you guessed it every token holder. These type make sense approaches is what will work. Not the game theory and speculation but the actual usefulness. What can be done with stability? A multitude of things. Merchants and vendors can use these products. A level of more safe investment and lower rick can happen. Not wild endless speculation. A ubi or living wage can be paid out. As we know the cryptocurrency would always not only be worth something but closer to its value.. The list can go on and on.

Many of these defi exchanges like uniswap and what's happening on binance are ridiculously high and costly. I think cctipswaps is a better situation as far as liquidity pools go. That's where bbd coin trades as well and fees are paid to the liquidity pool. It also trades on steem engine, bitcoin cash, bitcoin sv to create interoperability as well as waves.

Approaches like this are real useful products into the future. This is where cryptocurrency is going. I believe this has to happen as to me its the only thing that really makes sense.

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