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This is my post for #freewriters Wednesday prompt check hosted by @mariannewest

My husband had a Dr app. today so he took our fish to be weighed and I went fishing. My cell rings and he tells me the fish house said that if we catch any more sailcats they will have to ship them to New York, All fishermen know this is bad news. New York is the dumping ground, meaning the fish house has no other place to sell to and the price will be very low. I told my husband it is not worth it to catch them at any lower price than what we are already getting. I am hoping we get 65 or 75 cents a pound for the ones that we have already caught. I am going to be very pissed if we get our check and they pay 20 or 30 cents on them.

Since I was already on the river, I once again tried trout fishing. I was fishing a dock and caught a nice mangrove snapper, which will be my dinner tomorrow, Next, I caught a four-pound jack, then a snook but I did not get him. He went around not one but two pilings and cut my line. I fished a lot of places for nothing. I tried a cove which I have caught trout in the past. I caught two little jacks and had another snook but when it jumped it got my line on its gill plates and cut it off. Snook will close June 1st I hope I can get one in the boat before then. I did finally catch a trout. I felt sorry for him because there are not many left in the river, then I thought, they are like commercial fishermen, the river is no place for either, they are done and we are done.

My big catch