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this is my post for #freewriters Thursday prompt sensibility hosted by @mariannewest

I do not know what is going on with the fish. The river fish I understand but the fish in the ocean has me baffled. The king fishermen are not catching anything. Today was opening day for dolphins, the fish not the porpoise. My daughter's husband went offshore with his father and they never caught one. He said he has never seen the water temperature being as cold as it was for this time of year.

I thank my lucky stars for sailcats. Today I waited for 9 o'clock so I could weigh up yesterday's catch. I got to the fish house right behind another fisherman, we both had to wait while the workers filled vats of ice. The other guy weighed his catch of sailcats first, then I weighed mine. I had 88 pounds.

It was 11:30 when I started fishing today. My husband is also catching sailcats, he was out in the Inter Coastal Waterway. I went to where I caught them yesterday but nothing was there so I went out to the ICW. I am guessing that I have a little over 100 pounds and my husband has about the same amount.

If someone was to ask me what I thought of them getting into fishing for a living, I would have to question their sensibility. Unless you are like the new fisherman at our fish house. He has a $70,000.00 dollar boat with 2 300 horsepower engines. He is only 20 years old. The kicker is, his parents live on the beach and own a boat dealership. People like that will be the only fishermen in the future.