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This is my post for #freewriters Tuesday prompt gnarled trees hosted by @mariannewest


One of my nephews works for the State parks and lives on one just north of Jacksonville Fl. St George's Island. Several years ago I visited him there. What a beautiful place, it is almost untouched by man. Full of gnarled trees, I took many pictures and after looking at them I could see more than just a tree.

This one looks like she is pregnant

Do you get the feeling you are being watched by a gator?

To me, this looks like a side view of a face with a tongue sticking out

Everyone sees something different than I do, but in this one, I can see an eyeball and a long nose.


Guess what my Grand Daughter thought of this one



I could see everything you've mentioned, except for the eyeball and a long nose.

Look to the left of the line of green leaves, the eye is a round white spot with a black dot for the pupil and the long nose is where a nose should be from the eye. I hope this helps. Once you see it you can not unsee it. :) Thank you for replying.

A gator? I was really looking for an alligator... but then I realized, there was none. -.-

sorry about that, The holes in the tree looked to me like a gator's eyes.

No it was fine, I was just teasing...