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This is my post for #freewriters Sunday prompt so you said before hosted by @mariannewest

After having to have him evicted from her home she let him come back but he could not live in the house. She bought a tent and told him he could live in the backyard. He does not put the tent in the backyard he sets it up on the front side of her house. Next, he built a screened-in room off of the tent, he took her porch door down so he could use it on the screened room. He took her small shed apart so he could nail the parts to her house and build another room.

This extra room he let someone live in. He let a friend put his tent in the yard. He has built an entire homeless community in her yard. All of this was done without her permission and she would tell him it and the people had to go but he would not listen.

Her house was being appraised and the next thing she knew was her insurance company was going to cancel her if all of the things on the side of the house were not taken down and cleaned up.

She tells him he needs to get it taken down and the other people had to leave. The people leaving is all that had happened. When she tried to say something to him he would yell "so you said before I hear you, you don't need to tell me a thousand times. She just throws her arms in the air.

I took my truck to her house today and he and I loaded it with all the crap from the side of the house and hauled it to the landfill. Looking around at the landfill I could not help but think how wasteful Americans are. I found two pairs of garden clippers, 6-inch bolts, pliers and other tools, shelve brackets and I do not know what all he found. I joked about what they would say if the truck weighed more leaving than it did going in. I could have filled it with useful things but it started to rain.

Now he put the tent back up further back on the side of the house, she told him the back yard but he does not listen. This time it is inside the privacy fence so maybe no one will see it. But still, I do not think the insurance company is going to be happy.


This sounds like a true story. Is it? I don't think we are allowed to take anything away from the landfills here.

yes it is true, and we are not supposed to take things either but I can not stand to see the waste, I look at it this way, I lost my garden clippers and I was rewarded with a new to me pair. The bolts I picked up were in the road and had been run over several times, I can make all sorts of excuses as to why I took the few things I took. lol

There ya go!