Make a Minnow #31 Contest Nomination Post! /// 10,000 SP and PAL delegation contest for PAL/MSP members

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Welcome to the Make a Minnow #31 contest! This is the nomination post!

This initiative is about awarding a minnow who creates quality content and supports fellow content creators by giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their efforts! Giving our minnows the opportunity to have increased curation influence benefits the entire Steem ecosystem and should be considered a great honour.

We have decided to try something a bit different, the rules have been loosened a bit to allow more participation and a bigger delegation prize! The details are as follows:

The prizes for this round:

  • 10k PAL POWER delegation for 4 weeks for first place. Sponsored by @minnowsupport
  • 10k SP delegation for 4 weeks for first place. Sponsored by @eturnerx
  • 10 SBI units (@steembasicincome) for first place, 3 for second, 1 for third. Sponsored by @eturnerx.
  • some additional surprise tokens sponsored by @eturnerx.

Contest details

  1. The nomination round lasts 2 weeks. The voting round lasts 1 week.
  2. Nominations may include a link to a post in support of the nomination. Only one nomination per user.
    2a. Nominations with posts give the nominator a double vote in the voting round.
    2b. Donation of liquid rewards from nomination posts gratefully received, but pledges are not required. Donations will be powered up to @msp-makeaminnow
  3. Any personal account that has less than 10,000 SP that adheres to PAL values is eligible for nomination. Community/group accounts are not eligible for nomination.
  4. The eligible nominator rules remain, but we have removed the need for a minimum chat rank. In summary; the nominator must be a member of PAL/MSP in good standing, delegating at least 10SP.
  5. Nominees need at least 2 nominations to go into the voting round and a maximum of 10 nominees will move forward.
  6. Anyone can participate in the voting round if they are PAL registered, even if they did not nominate.

How to nominate

Please make a top level comment on this post (meaning a direct reply to the post and not another commenter)!

Please use the format:

I nominate @username

The bot will then reply confirming whether or not your nomination is valid. If you have made a post in support of your nomination, then link it in your nomination comment.

We trust you will nominate carefully with the PAL (Peace, Abundance and Liberty) values in mind! Best of luck to all nominees!


I nominate @veryspider, again, as she is the most active curator I know. She also leaves an insane amount of encouraging comments, reaches out to authors who have stopped posting (to get them back) and just is a driving force behind this place imo. No she doesn’t chat in the pal server much, but the girl is one of the most supporting individuals to authors that I know. This place is lucky to have her.

Nominator @justineh is not registered on MSP/PALnet.

(Just realized I delegate to pal under Llfarms account.. bot may not accept)

I nominate @veryspider she is the very best, spinning her webs through not just the arty corners but all through the Steemiverse and beyond space and time as well. I honestly don't know of a better curator of the Steem blockchain, truly an engaged friend to many and not to mention an amazing artist in her own right. Empowering these 8 limbs will touch more accounts than one might think humanly possible, but that is because SPODER

Congratulations! @veryspider is a valid nomination.

aguh thanks carl but im kinda 4 legs out the door tbh :3

also thanks lele as well aaaaaaaaaah

4 legs is still twice as many as bipedal fleshbags. I am like 5 tentacles out the wormhole and 17 pseudopods in the airlock if anyone is counting

XD sounds like someone's got an accurate inventory of where ALL their limbs are!

Awww, I wish I could vote for 2 people. I agree with Justine and Carl, you're awesome @veryspider! I was assuming you already won it, I need to check the list so I stop missing people. If you don't win this time, i will nominate and vote for you next time as well! You've given so many helpiecakes it's ridiculous! ♥

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I nominate @wesphilbin. He has been doing so much to uplift plankton and minnows, assisting them as they make their way onto the chain, curating, and sharing the things he feels are important to the community. I know he would do great things with a delegation.

Congratulations! @wesphilbin is a valid nomination.

i nominate @ylich

edit: i put his user wrong the first time

I nominate @jordangerder

Congratulations! @jordangerder is a valid nomination.

Thanks Friend 🤗

I nominate @jordangerder

Nominator @marybellrg is delegating 0.0 SP. It is below the threshold of: 10 SP.

Oh 😮 gracias igual 🤗

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I nominate @jordangerder

Congratulations! @jordangerder is a valid nomination.

Thank so much friend 🤗

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I nominate @veryspider, because i want 5 legs in the door ftw.

Congratulations! @veryspider is a valid nomination.

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