NFL SWEEPSTAKES 160 Hive in prizes


Just a quick update on the sweepstakes.

There has been 4 tickets sold so far and the hive has been transfered into savings, this will be drawn out one week before the Super bowl.

Confirmed entries so far


Prize Breakdown

  1. Super bowl winners 104 hive (65% of pool)
  2. Runner-up 24 hive (15% of pool)
  3. Team that makes to most sacks 32 hive(20% of pool)


  • Tickets cost 5 hive each
  • 2 Teams max per account
  • winners will be paid 24 hours after the Super bowl finishes l
  • if two or more teams have equal amount of sacks then the team which has scored the most TD will be used as a tie breaker
  • If the season in cancelled because if covid 19 or other circumstances all entry fees will be returned as soon as possible.

What do I need to know

Well you don't actually don't need to know anything about American football, your team will be chosen at random with all the entries going into a hat.

I will put out regular updates as the season progresses, with a predictor league open to everyone for free with a weekly and season prize.


Awesome! Thanks for the update man!