Important health benefits of Shea butter

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Shea butter is an important oil in Africa and while growing up I have had different application of it in my daily life.
I just felt I could bring to your notice the various beneficial application of this oil and after reading these few points you may want to give up your industrial cream for this.

  • My momma used shear butter as a healthy skin cream to keep the melanin shinning and healthy. It has no counter effect on the skin and neither bleaches its color, we just get a healthy moisturized skin.

  • Talking about nasal congestion and you find African mothers adding this oil in the nose to clear its pathways. Cough is not exempted as this could be melted in spoons and given to children to drink.

  • Searching for a hair moisturizer, and Shea butter does the perfect job, it moisturizes the scalp and clear every presence of dandruff on the scalp. note Momma uses this for its antiinflammatory property, once we get a swelling in any parts of our bodies, the oil is applied and robbed over the area to heal and clear it off.
    These and many more are the traditional applications of this oil that I have found.
    Think of its industrial application and you will see noticeable application of it in the cosmetic and beauty stores for both the healthy mineral and vitamin it posses .

Disadvantages attached with it use

I have barely found any disadvantage attached to its use except for the unpleasant fragrance it posses, some people find it difficult to relate with the smell.
But thanks to technology where companies have deemed it fit to add other frangrance to it, this reduces the unpleasant smell and in company of other oil it makes a perfect healthy oil mixture for various purpose.

Now this product can be found under different company names as seen in these images

images 4.jpeg




These two have been the one used in my home both for cream and other purpose although the natural and unmixed one is bought locally in the market for other purpose since its is a more pure form of the oil.


Here is a rich oil you can add to your cosmetic and health needs.

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I'm going to use it on my scalp now that you mentioned it

Ok sis, it did a good job with my hair