How I prepared home made Curry stew.

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Hello Hiveians

Eating healthy meals has become one of my major priorities, the quantity of the meal matters not but the quality and financial budget.
Having seen the benefits of curry leaves here, you may want to add them to your meals.

  • Curry leaves are rich with antioxidants which prevents and helps the body system from getting sick.

  • It is useful in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative disease that has no cure and causes the brain cells to die off.

  • Another important health benefits is in the treatment of breast cancer as these herbal leaves causes the death of cancer cells

You may want to do further reading on the benefits of curry leaves in your diet here

You can enjoy a healthy diet as much as I have done at lunch yesterday with home made curry leaves prepared along side rice and stew that was garnished with vegetables as I have.

Here in Kaduna my auntie has also kept a vegetable garden where every leaf we needed is within our reach. Thh curry leaves were picked right from our garden and added to the stew for its herbal flavor and health benefits.




We picked up the healthy leaves from the garden, washed and diced it into our stew while a rice meal was
Was prepared alongside carrots and other ingredients.






That was how we prepared this healthy and nutritious meal for lunch yesterday.
I hope you learnt a thing or two and would give curry meals a trial.

Thanks for viewing and reading this post


Wow se ve muy sabrosa y facil de preparar, gracias por compartir.

Thank you so much, will check out a translator for this Spanish word.
A pity I can't speak Spanish..

Hope you are doing well yourself

This looks like a healthy spread @monica-ene! How many hungry mouths are you feeding anyways!? Your trust-worthy cooking looks delicious!

Thank you, again, for re-blogging my recent post! I've been busy getting the word out about the #LiveFitChallenge2021 so this helps a lot when people take the time to re-blog here on Hive! That's invaluable support. Thank you @monica-ene! 😊

Well I coukd feed as many mouth as I get the grace and resources to.
I don't want to see a single hungry human on earth.
Thanks for those kind comment, I wish and pray they everyone gets stay fit and live their healthy lives

That's really heart felt @monica-ene! There shouldn't be any hungry people on the planet. And I can tell there's a lot of love in your food. (The opposite of that is what I call corporate cooking. There's no love in that and that's probably why it's mostly bad for you!) Africa does have to contend with hunger... But so long as their are people like you cooking food... I have hope for Africa and hungry people everywhere.

Just reading your words... Well I am feeling gratitude. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to eat (and even learn more about cooking!) healthy and help those who need it more than myself. You have a heart of Gold so never give up your willingness to feed those hungry mouths around you!

looks delicious

And taste delicious too.
I enjoyed it.