Design of a males senators top

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Hello Hiveians

Today I went visiting a males store at a place here in Kaduna and I was fortunate to check out how this male senators top was designed.

It was a wonderful experience watching this and guess what I learnt the basic difference between cutting a males clothes to that of a female.
Some distinct difference lies between the neckline and how to cut the shape of the shoulder

This is my first time and I guess I can now make a tutorial on how to cut something like this and hopefully look into making males wears as well.



Another aspect I was exposed to was the the designing machines that uses different colorful threads to add patterns and shapes to an already stitched cloth like the one we see here.



These are some picture highlights of how this male senator wear was designed and packaged to suit the customers taste.




Am sure some males fashionista out there can't wait for me to begin take their order, I just needs your kind support to work on my skill acquisition for now.

Thanks for viewing this post, hope you like the top?.


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Beautiful, Senator material does come out well with nice designs on it. And you did justice to that

Thanks dear.