A flowery chiffon fabric for my next design

in GEMS3 months ago

Hello Hiveians

Today am making a new top using a flowery chiffon fabric. The fabric is so thin and one can see through it so I had a little challenge thinking about what to make of it.
I thought about a top with maybe some flamboyant sleeve and possibly some gathers or pleats on the waist line.

I started with cutting the half length here both the front and back block with different neckline dimension




Next i had a straight cut of about 13inches width and 3x length of my normal waist line of 28inches



For the sleeve, I did some creative cutting, I made a straight cut I wish to add a band on it



And then I slashed the center front up to the cap sleeve level


There is something in my head I want to achieve with this but until its all stitched up my imagination will continue working.

Thank you for having me and following all my latest updates on sewing