Benefits of Turmeric for Natural Beauty!

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How are you friends hivers, have a nice day okay. Are you healthy, if sick do not forget to take herbal medicine yes, in addition to healthy is also safe from dangerous risks.

Today I am back discussing about the benefits of turmeric. A few Week ago I've discussed the benefits of turmeric for health, namely to cure pinched nerve disease. That's a concoction given by the founder of the #naturalmedicine community to me that is @riverflows. My father now looks better than his pinched nerve disease, thanks to @riverflows who've helped a lot. For those of you Want visit how to make turmeric for pinched nerve medicine, you guys area click here



Actually turmeric has a lot of benefits, as you know a lot of diseases that can be cured with turmeric ingredients, such as gastric injury. For gastric injured diseases or stomach acid, you can consume turmeric water for medicine.

Benefits are for gastric injuries

How to use turmeric as a gastric wound remedy is to take some fresh turmeric, then grind until smooth using a blender. Then strain and mix with real honey. Drink this herb every morning before breakfast, and the night before going to bed. Consume regularly for a few weeks, you will feel the benefits. I used to consume it a lot, and now my stomach disease is cured.



Benefits of turmeric for youth

For this time, we will discuss the benefits of turmeric as a natural beauty herb. Consuming turmeric water is believed to keep us young. Turmeric also helps rejuvenate the skin. For those of you who have dark, dry and dull skin, you should consume turmeric water, it will help you look younger.



Benefits of turmeric for red lips

Turmeric is also beneficial for beauty, for women you should read this carefully. Turmeric is also beneficial for making dark lips blush red. You don't have to spend a lot of money to buy skin or lip lightening creams, or perform harmful surgery. You can simply apply fresh turmeric starch juice. Well that's you.


The trick is to cut turmeric as big as a thumb finger, then smear on the lips like using lipstick. Do it evenly. Or for better results you can smooth the turmeric, then apply it on the lips.


I am one of those people who has symptoms of dry and black lips. Although I am not a smoker, but say have darkened skin on the lips and often dry. So now I often use turmeric when the lips are dry.

All right friend hivers, that's some benefits of turmeric for health and beauty kukit and lips, hopefully useful for you guys. For those of you who know the other benefits of turmeric, please share in the comments field yes friend. Healthy greetings!.


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For the record, I didn't say it would cure a pinched nerve, but it might help with pain and inflammation. I'm glad your father has had some relief

That's right, of course. And my dad's been a little better now.