See The Beauty Of Wild Flowers

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Hello Goat.Gang Community



This time I show some pictures of wild flowers that I took using my Android smartphone camera. Even though the shots are not as good as a reliable photographer, a beginner class like me has quite a few shots of them.

And the type of flower that I display in this post is one type of wild flower that we find very often because these plants usually grow anywhere so that we are very familiar with this type of flower plant.



In addition to having beautiful flowers, this one wild flower plant is also filled with thorns all over the tree so that it can injure our body parts if exposed to the thorns from the wild flower plant. And in our place the plant has a very strange name, which is "Putri Malu".

And to take some pictures of Putri Malu wildflowers like the one I showed this time is actually not an easy thing because we have to have expertise in taking pictures to get beautiful shots.