We Are Eating More Fish For a Reason

in R2cornell3 months ago

The pandemic has turned markets upside down and many ways difficult for the most of us. Here in the Philippines, other than Covid we are struggling with our pork supply, due to the widespread infection of ASF or African Swine Fever in pigs. Pigs are culled when an area has cases of infections already, just like in our town. Pork is something we Filipinos love and this is not easy for every household.

Chicken and beef also increased in prices due to the heightened demand because of the pork shortage. They are the more popular alternatives. In our household, we have opted for fish instead, since it is something cheaper, healthier and more abundant in our locality since we are in a coastal town. We will bear with this challenges, until then, we will prefer to have the more practical route to save and fill our tummy with fish than spend so much for the pork and other known alternatives that are too pricey at this point.