The backyard today

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There has been a lot of bald eagle activity the past few days as they are fishing the open water where the spring, that is in my yard, flows into the river. My neighbor has been trudging through the snow in my yard with her snowshoes on and carrying a little folding stool to sit on. This morning as the as the sun is coming up, she was finally rewarded!
These next two images are hers


Today this eagle came and landed just across the creek from where she was sitting and she could not have been more excited! She was texting me and sending pictures and I could feel her excitement! She moved here last fall and seeing bald eagles is a novelty for her.

Can you see it there on the river bank?

The temperatures have warmed up and there was lots of wildlife movement today.



Possums are the only marsupial mammal in the United States. This one was out under the bird feeder.

The snow is still deep and it is difficult for the animals to find food.
The neighborhood deer herd appears to have survived the winter just fine!



My daughter has nicknamed this fellow 'creepy rabbit'.
It is often out under the fallen oak tree and has little ears and a face that looks rather like a chinchilla. It is not at all like the usual cottontails! @deerjay. Any ideas about this rabbit?



It has been an entertaining day!


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image by @brittandjosie



by @barbara-orenya

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Geez ... that rabbit does look difference. I envy you your backyard, Melinda:)

I love where I live! Choosing this house as the place I wanted to live in after I retired was the best decision that I have made. Everything is handicap accessible and I have plenty of entertainment right outside my window! The older I get, the more I love it here.

Love The Nature!
Lots of snow though!
Keep Warm and have a Very Blessed Mid-Week!

Were you OK during the cold weather?

Hi There!
Actually, No...
I was in the center of the Texas Disaster...
(It is too stupid to continue to live here...)
Anyways.. Short story...
No power 3.5 days, temps in the low 20's at night,
Busted water pipes - because they turned off the
Other problems as well, and all My tropical plants are gone..
"Lesson Learned" on many levels...
Anyways, how did You do?
I am sure it was much colder there, since I am.almost in Mexico...
Stay Warm, Safe, and Blessed!
Good to see You!

Oh no. Will any of the damage be covered by your home owners insurance? What a mess. I am so sorry.

It was brutally cold here but we expect it during the winter and are prepared. I have a natural gas fireplace and kitchen stove that would keep the house warm enough if I lost power. I have a well and have plenty of water stored in case my pump won't work. If I know there is a danger of losing power I fill buckets for toilet flushing. And I also have a spring in my yard that provides water year round.
A down coat and wool blankets and hot water bottles... I would be OK.

I am horrified by all the suffering the entire state of Texas has gone through.

Thank You!
I appreciate it. When I lived in NJ and Germany I was also mostly prepared for Winter 🥶🥶🥶
Could have happened here but they lied to us...
They told us you "may" experience rolling blackouts...
Yeah, that happened once the night before they turned off everything..
Even worse...
The Stores, jobs, and Mega-Rich never lost power at all...
Needless to say, this event (and really many others, because this "IS" how Texas is anyway, storm or not), has excellerated My want to be "out if Tex-Ass before Sept. at the very latest!
If I list My life, moving to Texas is probably in the top 5 worst things I have done, in so many levels...
Anyways - "NEVER Move Here"!
Yeah the pictures are nice, and that's where it ends!
But wish You a Very Blessed Mid-Week!
Stay Safe & Warm!

Wow. I can see why you are disgusted. No worries about me moving there. In all my travels it is a place that I have avoided. I had to drive across the panhandle to get to New Mexico and then to get home again, but that is my TX experience.
Where would you like to move to? NJ again?

Now it's a toss-up,
Nj or Southern Cal.,
I gu as right now I have to generate some
cash, and let that dictate the next step.

Yeah avoid this place, they "can" act normal,
But their not!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!

Hey @pixresteemer, here is a little bit of BEER from @melinda010100 for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @melinda010100, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Making the best out of a not so good situation. The little pleasures in life.😊

We appreciate your work and your post has been manually curated by @nelinoeva on behalf of Amazing Nature Community.

Thanks, Neli!

That is quite a number of animals... an eagle (WOW, they are my favorite), Opossum (I have never seen one up close), a deer and a (creepy) rabbit!

We were laughing about the menagerie of animals out the yesterday! At one point there was a possum a turkey a squirrel and a duck under the feeder at the same time.

WOW, I can imagine the beauty of your surrounding!
You are lucky to be living so close to nature!

The best part is the prices for rural property in Wisconsin, or in the midwest in general are still a steal, especially compared to California prices.

Something to think about, when it is time to retire!!!

enjoy that warmer weather and all those cool animals!

I'm waiting for the snow to melt off the deck. Maybe today!

Great write up, I do enjoy every bit 👍

Thanks! Welcome and good luck on Hive! Check out the Follow @hivebuzz for lots of helpful hints to get started here.

Life entertaining both yourself and your neighbour what a lovely place to live. With running stream attracting animals to your abode still looks like a winter wonderland.

Rabbit had better be on the look out, bald eagles will eat more than just fish ha ha.

Rabbits are rare in my neighborhood and when I do see one they aren't around for long. This one must have been a pet that escaped or someone got tired of taking care of. I wish him well.

We don't see rabbits except wild ones inland, they come out at night.

People may have them as pets but I have not seen any hopping around. Your photographed one has a lovely fur and cute face so good luck in it's ability at hiding in the wooded area.

Great shots ... would that to be my backyard...adopt me lol

Buying this house was the best decision I have ever made!

It is really nice backyard photography.

Thanks! 😁

Sounds like lots of action to your feeder! Still waiting on my first bird visit. We did have another raccoon in our back porch last night. Love the area! We supposed to get another 5 inches of snow tonight, so maybe birds find the feeder tomorrow! Last snow didn't seem to help much but I'm sure eventually they will discover it.

Silly birds! Sprinkle some on the ground on top of the snow and maybe they will get the idea!

My backyard is a busy place! Our temps are above freezing and the snow is beginning to melt. Looks like there is more on the way for the weekend. Probably coming from you! 😁

it does feel like spring is coming to us up here,doesn't it? I've noticed the birds on my daily morning walk with our dog making much more noise. I can't wait!

Snow is melting today, but I saw the possibility of more in the days ahead. Anytime the temps get above freezing it feels like spring, though!

It feels great, doesn't it. Our dog is loving it, at the very least...and it's been nice on my back to not have to carry her home in the brutal cold.

Great post Melinda!! Seeing Bald Eagles is always exciting for me and I don't think that novelty will ever wear off! I think opossums are cute but I'd rather see them in photos than in my There is a chinchilla rabbit but the chinchilla refers to the color which can be anywhere from light gray to blue gray (I think) but again it is only referring to color and not breed. To me that rabbit looks like some kind of domestic rabbit that is living in the wild. I could be wrong. My daughter was working but checked in to say "It honestly looks like a really fat domestic rabbit (I'm thinking something dwarf breed mixed with some mid size breed). I'm not 100% sure what other wild species may be out there, but does not look like any wild species I know off the top of my head."
I thought it was easier just to quote her. Those are some short ears on that bunny for sure! I found a New Zealand white bunny in the wild once. Caught it with help and found it a home. I was afraid it would try to bite me but luckily it didn't. I guess it used to be someone's pet. 🐇🙂

Years ago a renter in the neighborhood turned loose his kids rabbits before they moved. I always assumed that they could not have pets at their new rental. I saw them around for a few weeks but then never saw them again and I'm assuming the predators here in the woods found them easy pickings. I wonder if some of the genetics got mixed in with the wild rabbits. Thanks for asking your daughter if it is a specific breed.

Awe, that is sad. There are shelters that would probably have taken them. Course I know here there are but some places in rural areas may not have them. The hawks in our neighborhood can be bad at times. Once she had three young bunnies outside in a tote fixing a cage for them and within no time I heard a hawk screeching and knew why. She thought she had them outta sight but those birds have keen sight. She was always extra careful after that and luckily the bunnies didn't get hurt. A friend of hers still has one of those bunnies and he loves that bunny so much. It was a nice bunny and it made me happy that she got such a loving home. 💕

Shelters here would have taken them. The guy was newly divorced and I suppose he got them for his kids.. No one knew that they had them until a week after he moved out and we started seeing tame rabbits in our yards.

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Love you captured the lovely little possum Melinda. I’m glad your neighbor got to see the eagle. I was able to see him in 2nd photo. I don’t usually see them on the ground but high in the sky or trees.

The rabbit may have been someone’s pet they let loose. He may be confused having to fend for himself now.

I haven't seen the rabbit again. They don't usually live long lives here. Owls, fox and coyotes are also in the neighborhood.

We are seeing a lot of eagles. They must be migrating.