Bird Watching at Serendip Sanctuary


Good morning feathered friends I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I'm stuck moving houses so haven't been out this weekend but wanted to share with you a beautiful bird Sanctuary I go to with Tahlia and have since she was little. Located in the West of Melbourne is the Serendip Sanctuary.


Serendip Sanctuary is 250 hectares of protected natural environment which was originally farmland but purchased by the Victorian Government in order to protect and breed native animals as well as research.


A hand full of the birds located at the park are the brolga, magpie goose, Australia. Bustard and bush stone curlew and many more. Now focusing on environmental protection and managed by parks Victoria you can book in a tour with park rangers and learn about Australian habitat and the importance of our ecosystem.


Many of the enclosures are open access meaning you can walk amongst some of the bigger birds and enjoy their presence. There are also BBQs on site as well as toilet facilities.


You're also free to walk amongst the lakes and wetlands but much of it is untouched so please be careful, Tahlia likes to run off alot of the time and try to explore on her own. Fortunately some of the larger more dangerous birds do have their own enclosures without access.

Also on site are other Australian animals no more well know then the wonderful Kangaroo as well as Emus.

Once we finish moving ill head down with Tahlia and get some updated pictures.

Happy Monday everyone!


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I used to backpack my youngest at the same age because unlike the other two he simply refused to listen and insisted that he could and absolutely would do whatever it was he was determined to do at any and all cost XD

The backpack was better than the pram for us as he was up higher and could see more and thus didn't really want to run off so much because a) he was stuck anyway and b) he could see better XD

I love that first smiley shot, so cute!

That sanctuary looks awesome :)

Yeah I do prefer the back pack. The pram has challenges overcoming obstacles. I think it is what has Led to Lil Miss 3 being more engaged, active and exploring. Lil Mr gets the pram alot though as it is harder now with two and we have the attachment for Lil miss 3 to scoot on

Makes them fitter too I think XD I had a twin pram as mine are all two years apart, but it only came on trips with us when we went shopping (it was mostly used to carry the shopping and contain small children while they were eating as I would buy them a treat from the bakery to keep them occupied while shopping), and if I knew we were going to be out all day or walking for long enough that their little legs would get tired and they would need to go in the pram to rest up. Otherwise they walked everywhere pretty much from when they could walk.

Except youngest who was a runner so he tended to live in the backpack unless there was another adult around to help XD

Oh shopping with Kids! Say no more it is one of the most challenging things ever. I have scared random people in the supermarket my saying lil miss 3 in a stern voice.

I can not keep her occupied, she tells me I take too long to get stuff and she gets bored and wants to go to the toy section. She got told off the other week she helped herself to a lolly and got caught by the shop owner. It was such an embarrassing moment for me. I have taught her better.

I need a !WINE just thinking about it

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Wo0t wo0t! Thank you for taking the time to pop by. Its an absolutely beautiful location and I enjoy heading out with the lil one