Weekly FREE REBLOG and ~0.02 UPVOTE for quality posts!! {16K HP, 3k followers}

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The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln

FREE REHIVE for quality posts



Simply lеavе ONE link in the comments section. Please upvote and follow.

If you just comment without leaving a link, your last post will be processed.

If you also reblog this post and write "I reblogged you" in the comments, I will also thank you with a $ ~0.02 upvote on your post.



No nsfw content and no users on any blacklist.

Quality articles only!
If you're comment receives a tiny upvote, it has been approved and processed.



I DO NOT COMMENT ON YOUR ARTICLES to promote my service.

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Want a LIFETIME of daily $~0.02 UPVOTES and REBLOGS to 3k users??


( if you change your mind you can undelegate at any time using 0 as delegation amount )



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That’s a nice effort to help others.
I like it.
I reblogged you.
Thanks a lot for the help and support to community.

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Thank you ❤️

I like the idea, I did not know about this Reblog system, but there is something I did not understand, or it will be because I am using the google translator, hahaha, I am translating your post into Spanish, and I know I can not place here in the comments a post on my profile,? I mean, I have a post that I would like you to see, but before I place it I ask you, can I place it here in the comments?

Yes, you just need to leave your link here in the comments. If you also reblog my post and in your comment with your link you add "I reblogged you", you will also receive the upvote.

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